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How to save energy at home this winter

By Alex at Aboda, Oct 19 2020 12:54PM

With more of us currently working from home and with winter fast approaching are you worried about your rising energy costs?

Should you leave your heating on all day? Should you turn all unused appliances, such as the kettle, off when not in use? Will foil behind the radiators help keep heat in?

Let's go myth busting!

Will I save money leaving the heating on low all day?

This is a hotly debated subject! Many people will advise that it is cheaper to leave your heating on all day, with your radiator valves open to the max and your thermostat on low. Advocates for this will say that by turning your heat on and off throughout the day will cause condensation to form within the walls thus conducting heat outside the home meaning you lose heat more quickly. Experts at The Energy Saving Trust say that this is a myth, and you should only use your heating as and when you need it to save energy and money in the long run. They recommend using a timer to turn on your heating when you really need it, use a thermostat to set the temperature for your home and use thermostatic radiator valves to control the flow of water through them thus only heating rooms you use regularly.

Do chargers, such as phone or tablets, use energy when plugged in but not connected to a device?

Interestingly the Energy Saving Trust say that households could save around £30 a year by unplugging chargers when not in use. British Gas says on its website that a lot of chargers use energy when left in a socket, if the charger is warm, it's using energy! So, remember to unplug them chargers when not in use.

Should I turn lights and appliances off when not in the room?

Yes, the Energy Saving Trust says to turn lights off when leaving a room and to be mindful of how many lights you have on at one time. Also avoid leaving devices such as TVs and consoles on standby.

Will reflective panels behind my radiators help?

Yes! These work by reflecting the heat back into the room, especially helpful in older properties with uninsulated walls. The savings are small, but every little helps!

For further Energy Saving advice head over to The Energy Saving Trusts website.

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