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Local COVID alert levels & tiers: what you need to know when moving home

By Alex at Aboda, Oct 15 2020 09:24PM

Local COVID alert levels & tiers: what you need to know when moving home

So...Your first question is likely to be...

'Can we move home under a local lock-down?'

The quick and simple answer is generally YES!!!

If you're selling/buying/moving within England at the current time - All three local lock-down levels (medium, high, very high) or Tiers (1, 2 or 3) actually continue to allow any activity related to moving home

So you can ask an estate agent to value your home, photograph/video your home, market your home, and show buyers around your home for you.

And once you have a sale agreed, your buyers are allowed to have a surveyor visit your home...

And you are allowed to have removal companies visit your home and move you and your buyer to your respective next homes.


This is within England, currently, according to the current government guidance.

Here's the link to the current government advice about local covid alerts levels and what you need to know - which gives you links to further info about the specific exemption relating to any activity relating to moving home under any local lock down level or tier


But...Where it 'may' get a little more complex...in time...is moving between each devolved country within the UK (Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) and any future specific/unique local lock-down measures in specific/unique/individual local lock-down areas...should they divert from the general UK government guidance at the links above

We hope that the links provided will be a centrally updated site for us all to revert to for up to date advice and guidance...

But if the info/links change...we will endeavour to provide the most current and accurate government guidance and advice, as quickly as possible to you!

In the meantime, if you are worried about your home sale/move and need to chat...let me know.

You can call/email/text me anytime for any advice or a reassuring chat.

Always happy to help!

Thanks for reading!

Hope the info has been useful and informative!

Let me know if you wish to discuss anything further

Always happy to chat!

Thanks - speak soon!

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